Zen Rabbit Yoga Teacher

Emily Young

Emily is a “native New Yorker”. She developed a passion for fitness while in college, and wandered into a yoga class that changed her life. In the chaos of challenging classes and an overcommitted social life, here was peace. When she moved to Greenville by herself in 2017, she went straight to the yoga studio to find community, and herself, amidst the unfamiliarity of a new town. Her practice quickly became her emotional, spiritual and physical outlet.

Emily works full-time as a speech-language pathologist with a specialty in voice and other upper airway disorders. Over the years, her work has revealed to her the complexity and wonder of the mind-body connection. She has seen countless examples of our abilities as humans to heal our bodies physically by including our emotional and spiritual health on our path to wellbeing.

Emily completed her 200-hour YYT at Soul Yoga Studio in 2022. She is passionate about leading students back to themselves to find holistic wellbeing through their yoga practice. In her classes, you will find a friend, a nugget of wisdom, and a thoughtful, empowering flow to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

Regular Schedule

Tuesday 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Saturday 9:30AM - 10:30AM