Breathwork for Transformation

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Breathwork for Transformation

Would you like to clear away stress, anger, grief or depression while filling yourself up with gratitude and love? This Breathwork experience allows you to find a deeper connection with yourself, helping to clear away negative thoughts, bad habits, limiting beliefs and anything that no longer serves you. Breathing with intention can help focus, ground and energize you to step into the best version of yourself. Your breath can be the master key to profound change and powerful transformation.

Breathwork is experiential in nature. You may experience increased creativity, deep inner peace, more self-confidence, more self-love or life purpose! Whatever your breathwork experience is, it will be unique from everyone else’s and different every time you do it. It’s like a surprise or unwrapping a gift. Your breath will give you what you need - All you have to do is breathe.

Breathwork is practiced laying down in a comfortable position. Your instructor, Matt Tellier, will teach you a simple but powerful breathing technique and offer guidance on your journey within. No experience in breathwork is necessary to join in on this practice.

*(Breathwork may not be advisable for those with certain health conditions such as but not limited to heart conditions, seizure disorders, severe mental illness, or those who are pregnant, or taking certain medications. Please reach out if you have any concern, please review and sign the breathwork waiver, and always discuss with your physician to decide what is right for you.)

About Matt:
Matt Tellier is a BreathewithJP certified breathwork teacher and owner of Half Acre Holistics LLC in Greenville. He has practiced breathwork for eight years and began teaching in 2019. Breathwork has been one the most transformational things he has experienced in his life and he loves sharing the power of breathwork with curious souls.

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